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  1. Ascending definition is - rising or increasing to higher levels, values, or degrees. How to use ascending in a sentence.
  2. Define ascending. ascending synonyms, ascending pronunciation, ascending translation, English dictionary definition of ascending. adj. 1. Moving, going, or growing upward: an ascending minor scale. 2. Moving or progressing toward a higher level or degree: an ascending order of.
  3. a person given to voluble, empty talk. an ancient Greek or Roman farce that depended for effect largely upon ludicrous actions and gestures. a check whose amount has been raised by forgery before cashing. TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT.
  4. Another word for ascending. Find more ways to say ascending, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  5. Ascend definition, to move, climb, or go upward; mount; rise: The airplane ascended into the clouds. See more.
  6. We built ascending without the hangups of what a traditional learning management system should be. Learners get an intelligent learning system that responds to how they want and need to learn. Learning administrators are supported with invaluable tools and services to help them do their jobs better, faster, and measure results to prove ROI.
  7. 1. climb, scale, mount, go up I held her hand as we ascended the steps. climb go down, descend 2. slope upwards, come up, rise up A number of steps ascend from the cobbled street. slope upwards go down, slope downwards, descend, incline, slant.
  8. The ascendant (, Asc or As) is the astrological sign (and degree of that sign) that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event. According to certain astrological theories, celestial phenomena reflect or determine human activity on the principle of ' as above, so below '.

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